Tips to sell your home fast

A tailor-made guide to quickly selling your home

Selling your home is one thing. Selling it quickly – and for top-dollar – is another challenge entirely. Thankfully, we have the experience to know what to do… and what not to do in order to sell your home quickly.

At Lombardo Team Real Estate, part of our business equation is providing excellent information for those seeking guidance in our realm of expertise. Please enjoy a few research-backed tips on how to sell your home quickly, without compromising integrity and financial gain.

The Price is Right!

Initially pricing your home too high can make a sour first impression to agents and potential buyers and will inevitably slow the buying process down.

Pricing your home can be tricky. Because of the tricky nature of pricing your home, it is wise to consult a real-estate expert who knows the ins and outs of pricing and keeps track of the current state of the home buying market. In fact, a report by the National Association of Realtors suggest that sellers net a higher profit when working with an expert (see the report here:

A real-estate expert who knows this and who also knows you and your needs/wants would be an even greater step in the right direction. Make sure to check out “What’s my Home Worth” on our resources page

Appearance. Appearance. Appearance.

Whether it is improving curb appeal, or de-personalizing the interior of your house, make sure to carefully consider the kind of impression you want to make on your potential buyers when they see your house. Specifically, we would strongly suggest your focus be on the kitchen if nothing else. According to a “Remodeling Impact Report” also by the National Association of Realtors, remodeling the kitchen is one of the highest joy increasing factors to a homeowner. (Check out the report here:

Furthermore, according to the “2016 Cost vs Value report” (, a kitchen remodel will consistently recoup about 65% of the cost. The right price will get them in the door, and pristine appearances and a great kitchen will keep them in there long enough to close the deal. Not too shabby.

The Lombardo Team uses cutting edge technology with a human touch to provide you a tailor-made solution to selling your home. Should have further questions about selling your home quickly, ple