Effectively Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

A few definite do’s when it comes to home staging

The real-estate world can be a confusing, misleading place sometimes. For this reason, we have diligently dedicated ourselves to providing trustworthy, research-backed, data driven information to our followers and clients.

Today we put together a brief outline in an effort to guide your home staging process. We have listed out the top areas to make sure you have at 100% before showing your home to potential buyers.

The Art of the Deck

A deck remodel has stood the test of time when it comes to the one project that consistently makes the most positive difference. Most studies show in 2015 that at least a 80% recapture of the total cost of the renovation.

(Check out more info here: http://www.realtor.org/field-guides/field-guide-to-remodeling)

A deck is a space that embodies the community feeling for most people. It is an instant attraction for most buyers. Here in Florida, a deck with a pool will also go quite a long way to increase the final selling price of your home.


It is important to leave room for your buyers imagination. De-personalizing your home means removing personal interior decor like family portraits, unique/quaint art pieces that only would have meaning to you personally, and any other pieces that do not fit in your overall interior decor theme.

Here is a great articles introducing more specifics on de-personalizing:


Not only will de-personalizing your home streamline and modernize the appearance, it will also assist our next point of concern…minimal appearance.

Serenity through Minimalism

Minimalism simply means “only that which is necessary.”

After consulting an expert, they will advise that you perform all or a combination of:

Remove clutter, toss out-dated furniture styles, zap funny smells, strategically place furniture, and update the color scheme.

These things should all be done in a minimalistic approach. to allow your buyers to imagine a home and life in this space. The difference between a cluttered appearance and an appearance of only that which is necessary can make the same house and space look entirely different.

As we always do – because we want to see your real-estate goals met – we advise that you seek guidance from a real-estate expert that you trust. The Lombardo Team strives to provide personalize, authentic, and technology driven solutions for your real-estate needs.